5 Energising Daily Mom Habits

Do you want realistic ways to keep energised and stress free each day?

These daily habits have helped me to keep energised and to make the most of each day despite being in lockdown.

Babies can pick up on stress so daily habits can help us to keep happy and our baby to feel our good vibe.

1. Note three things to do

Start each day with 3 things noted that you wish to do. This can be anything from putting the clothes away to remembering to run that well deserved bath for yourself.

2. Get fresh air

Whether you manage to open the window or to go outside, fresh air will do you and your little one a world of good.

3. Enjoy quality time

Spend quality time living in the moment with your bundle of joy. Do nothing but look into their eyes, sing, play, laugh and cuddle. It will brighten up the day for both of you.

4. Take deep breaths

Proven to give an increase in energy and to relieve stress taking deep breaths every day really does add a healthy balance to your life.

5. Think of what you are grateful for before bed

Reflecting on what you are grateful for before bed is a positive way to end each day. It is also a great technique to switch off ready for a good nights sleep.

I would love to hear what daily habits have helped you in the comments below.

Published by Lovely_Mommalife

Mom of one who loves mom life, living in the moment and self care.

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