How to stay awake at night

Struggling to stay awake at night while your baby feeds or sleeps on you? Below I share 10 ways I have managed to fight falling asleep.

1. Download and play a game on your mobile phone or device. I find games like solitaire keep me awake and alert because not only do you have to think it through but it makes you want to finish. Remember to adjust your phone light to a more night friendly mode.

2. Watch something on your device. I tend to watch something attention grabbing on my kindle while wearing my headphones. The more drama the better because it will leave you sat with shocked expressions on your face, rather than struggling to keep your eyes open. Any reality tv show like married at first sight seems to do the trick.

3. Walking around has given me the wakeup boost needed. It can be while you burp your baby or go to top up your water bottle. Getting up from a lying down position really does the trick.

4. Treat yourself to a snack. Being a breastfeeding momma I find I get hungry during the nights. Grabbing anything like a banana, bowl of cereal or tea and biscuits gives that much neeeded satisfaction while your kept awake enjoying and getting more energy.

5. Nap. If you have someone around then have them watch or hold baby while you nap. I have had to let my husband know when I feel too tired to get through the night, so he can help me to get a power nap regardless of whether he has just come back from working nights. Staying awake at night won’t last forever, but it is an overall priority to safely do it while this time lasts.

6. Get things done. Getting things done has helped numerous times. Anything from ordering a personalised card online for a upcoming birthday to sorting through pictures on your phone helps.

7. Meditate. Practicing breathing while saying affirmations in your head or thinking of things you are grateful for is a good way to feel relaxed recharged and to have a clearer mind to focus on looking after your baby.

8. Use night lights. You can help to stop your eyes from getting as heavy by placing a night light in the room your in with baby. A night light has made all the difference compared to it being too dark to try and keep my eyes open.

9. Plan ahead. Write down anything you need to remember to do on your phones calender or even find a new organiser app to note this in. It’s so nice to remember what needs doing the next day and to tick it off.

10. Start a parent blog or whatever blog you are interested in doing. Working on writing this in the early hours has managed to keep me awake.

There you have it, ten stay awake tips. I would love to hear any other tips you have in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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Mom of one who loves mom life, living in the moment and self care.

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