3 Useful Baby Items

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Struggling to choose among the many baby items on the market?

Below I share my top 3 baby must have items that have helped me the most with my baby.

πŸ’› Swing and rocker chair

The Swing rocker chair is soothing for the baby with different motions, lullabies and nature sounds. It is also a big help when I am alone with baby. I can remove the chair from it’s stand and bring it in the kitchen.

πŸ’› Changing Table

For me having a changing table was a must because I have heard how easily it is to get backache otherwise. As I am tall it was something that has helped me massively. I love the drawers and space to organise all of the bits I need to easily grab while holding onto my Baby.

πŸ’› Baby Carrier

I love my baby carrier because it is useful when getting out and about with Birdie. It is also handy to use around the house helping Birdie to eventually nap when she fights them, while I get on with some housework.

Click the image above to see more information on the carrier I use. It is easy to use, comfortable and supportive for my baby and affordable. I hope you end up finding the right carrier for you, if you haven’t already.

Thanks for reading. I would be interested in hearing about what baby items do you find most useful?

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