8 Affirmations for Baby’s Sleep

Are you stressed that your baby doesn’t sleep well? Read below to see affirmations to help with your baby’s sleep.

Baby’s pick up on how we are feeling so easily. As a mum there’s more pressure than ever from those around you, who keep asking how your baby sleeps. By focusing on doing what feels right now for your baby and by letting go of feeling like there’s a rush to get your baby to sleep well, you will be calmer and stress free to keep your baby relaxed.

1. I know that my parenting choices work best for my baby.

2. I am doing the best for my baby.

3. My baby sleeps well, when I let go of any worry or preconceptions I have, on how the night will go.

4. Doing what comes naturally relaxes my baby best.

5. My baby feels loved, content and protected.

6. The more I practice inner peace, the more my baby will wind down and the more peaceful my baby’s sleep will be.

7. I have created the perfect environment for my baby to sleep well in.

8. I sacrifice my sleep when necessary to lovingly meet my baby’s needs. I am truly amazing.

Take care

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Mom of one who loves mom life, living in the moment and self care.

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