Do you feel like your giving too much of yourself? So much that you don’t get time to recharge. You feel like your constantly worrying about looking after the kids, organising the day and balancing this with work and/or life.

You find yourself on the verge of tears because of how overwhelming being a Mum can feel. If so you need more self care in your life as a priority. If your taken care of then taking care of everyone and everything else will be oh so much easier and more enjoyable. Read below to see self care tips to revitalise yourself fully because you deserve so much more.

1. Take a bath or a longer shower. Give yourself as much as you can during that wash. Whether you are going to use bath salts, a bath bomb, hair mask, facial scrub or a face mask. Do what ever will make you feel like a new you. Put your towel on the radiator so it’s warming when you come out and dry yourself. Light a candle or dim the lights to really switch off as much as you can. Don’t forget to take moments during this time out to close your eyes and breathe deeply.

2. Do something that you no longer get time to do. Whether it’s painting your finger or toenails, reading a book or exercising. Find a way to make time, even if it means asking for help.

I remember telling my husband, how down I was feeling one particular day, when I realised I no longer had me time. He was alarmed to see how down and shattered I looked. My husband ended up taking our baby out for a walk that lasted an hour, while I had a bath and then painted my toenails. I felt so much happier and refreshed afterwards. My baby spent the rest of the evening smiling and laughing with me because she was picking up on such a positive transformation in my energy. It really does make all the difference, not only to you but to your family too.

3. Make time to get it out. It’s not healthy to let our thoughts and never ending to do lists build up in our minds. Doing whatever is necessary to let go or to take control will take so much pressure of you. You will regain your peace of mind!

A build up of thoughts can be released through meditation. Or by saying affirmations aloud to let go of a negative vicious cycle. Even by writing in a journal for that much needed clarity and release.

Break down to do lists into realistic achievable goals. This can be achieved by only noting 3 of the most important tasks to get done in one day. Not only will you feel a sense of accomplishment to get these things done, but you will be more likely to complete a realistic amount of tasks instead of a never ending list.

4. Do things a bit differently. If your bored of always eating a home cooked meal indoors because you never have time to go out then Jazz it up. For example it can feel so lovely to put a Thailand scenery youtube video on TV, so you can hear the sound of the tropical sea. While you eat a Thai takeaway with your family on blankets on the floor. Doing things that feel repetitive and dull in a new way, really do create such beautiful memories.

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your self care tips in the comments below. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow for more tips moving forward.

The pin below is handy to save for an overall reminder!

I hope you make the most of your day.

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Mom of one who loves mom life, living in the moment and self care.


  1. I love the idea of changing the atmosphere at home during dinner. Music, maybe lighting, and transport yourself to a new country or island or wherever.

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