3 Ways To Prepare For Baby’s Arrival

Do you want to know ways to prepare for Baby’s arrival? Read on to see my top tips. These three things got me through those early weeks and helped me to adjust to motherhood.

1. Freeze Meals ahead of time

It can be a challenge to find time to cook and eat healthy balanced meals when your baby comes along. Cooking meals ahead of time and freezing them makes all the difference. You will get more quality time with your baby, without worrying about what to cook while preventing lots of dishes.

2. Get Organised

Organise babies nursery well so that you know or can easily see where items are. Using drawer dividers and rolling up items like onsies is also a great way to have items to easily grab when those poonami’s happen.

3. Download a tracking app

Downloading a baby tracking app like Baby Tracker is so useful when baby first arrives. So much can happen in those early weeks especially and your likley to be asked how many wet and or dirty nappies? How far apart were they? especially to try and identify if baby is poorly.

These details can be easy to forget when your all sleep deprived. It can be handy to keep a close eye. It is even a big help to check what breast you last fed on if your breastfeeding.

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Mom of one who loves mom life, living in the moment and self care.

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