Motherhood – The New You

The moment you give birth to your bundle of joy, you realise that you are not just welcoming a new person in your life but you also say goodbye to that carefree person you once were. Saying HELLO to the beginning of an entirely new phase of your life.

I have felt exhaustion, pure Joy, excitement, overwhelmed, sleep deprivation, concern and relief.

My empathy is now on a new level. Feeling automatically emotionally attached. Even seeing a cartoon baby upset is likley to cause me to cry.

I am no longer planning those girly get-togethers. Time is taken planning when I can find time to have a shower or leave the house for that walk and fresh air I need.

All I want is to do is the best for my little one. To provide and give my daughter the best chances in life.

Now I no longer know how to be the girl of yesterday. I have adapted to this new selfless me. Milestones are no longer about how well I do on a project but those first smiles. Baby’s first laugh and how she looks at me in focus.

I even budget for what is important rather than buying what I want now. Instead, I live in the moment. The greatest thing I feel I can do with the rest of my life now is to provide the best memories possible for my child.

I now know what love for your very own child feels like. Understanding how my Mum felt when I was born, her self sacrifice for me and just how much she loves me.

Seeing your little one’s face light up, the gummy smile and baby beaming never fails to make my day.

So how does motherhood change you? Read below to see how transforming becoming a mother can be.

Your time management skills improve.

Before becoming a Mum I would do most things at a relaxed pace. Motherhood has taught me how to be efficient with time. How? Well, every day there’s a schedule no matter if you make a fixed one or not. Around your baby having naps, feeding and getting washed, you are left with limited time to do things. I have quickly learnt how to make the most of my time, especially now I know how limited it is. I have learnt to balance managing the house, work and parenting through planning.

The things you need, change.

Before being a Mum I thought I needed the highest paying job possible and to be liked and accepted by others. Now if a job was to pay me a lot of money, but take precious time away from me being able to see my daughter then I wouldn’t want it. Now I realise that all I need to feel satisfied is to make the most of my family time, Alongside the simple things like having a clean house, a hot drink and a relaxing bath.

Motherhood teaches you who is there for you, it means you value those who make the effort to be in your life and have no more time to worry about anyone who isn’t adding value to your life.


You feel a love for your child on a whole new level of any kind of love you have ever known. It is so lovely to always have company. I used to spend quite some time alone while my hubby worked nights and now I always have the best company. You feel love like you never have before. From having a baby whose life depends on you that grows into an infant, toddler and child who never stops loving you. This gives you a new sense of purpose like never before because your child becomes your world. Your child is your motivation, to be the best you can be and will help you to grow as a person as a result.

The relationship deepens with your partner.

You have both created your beautiful child from your love for each other. You share this new chapter of parenting and it makes you both more resilient as a couple. You enjoy embracing a new understanding as parents and you appreciate your parents even more

Motherhood changes you in so many ways. I would love to know how it has changed you in the comments.

Take care x

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Mom of one who loves mom life, living in the moment and self care.

4 thoughts on “Motherhood – The New You

  1. I love how your blog references values like empathy, love, and resilience. It’s so true! We become much more in touch with our values when we become parents. We also become much more challenged to uphold them every day. Love this!

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