3 Baby Items I didn’t realise I needed

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When I was pregnant with my first and only child Birdie, I found it overwhelming to narrow down a list of items, I would actually use during my baby’s first year. Discover 3 items that I have found to be most useful during the first 7 months so far. I bought these items after having my daughter and realising how much I needed them. Since they fulfilled those needs, I want to share them with you.

1. Electric Nail file

I used to struggle with keeping on top of my baby’s nails, from fear of catching her skin with the baby nail clippers. Baby’s have such soft skin and they can move their hands and fingers unexpectedly. I thought that the answer was a baby file, but I was wrong. The file would be time consuming and getting my daughter to sit for the time it takes was impossible. Everything changed when I bought an electric nail file.

I love this nail file because it has different speeds and comes with 10 file heads, which are textured in 3 different colours, indicating which age they are suitable for.

2. Mushrooms

When Birdie started being interested in chewing everything from about 4 months old, the Mushroom teether toys were ideal. My daughter still loves using these now at 7 months.

The Mushroom teether is excellent for breastfed babies, it is made from silicone and tends to babies suckling needs. It’s great to see how much relief it gives from teething and how much my baby enjoys chewing on it. Overall, I love the cute mushroom shapes and how easy it is for my baby to keep hold of.

3. Highchair Toy

It wasn’t until I first experienced spending a fortnight away with my daughter, that I realised I couldn’t just leave her with her grandparents while I had a shower. Lockdown seems to have heightened the separation anxiety my daughter gets. I had to make sure my daughter was wherever I was. I would put my daughter in her high chair in the bathroom, while I had a shower. My daughter would still get fed up before I was showered and dressed. Then came this Firefly Table top baby toy and that extra time I needed was granted. This toy is bright, colourful and provides varied play experiences. It’s suitable for 6 month year olds and up, with supervision.

I love how it suctions to the high chair table, so I don’t have to pick up a toy every few seconds like usual. My daughter is so engaged anytime she sees this toy and loves the spinning ball, teething rattle and moving the beads. Such a worthy buy!

What baby items do you find most useful? I’d love to know in the comments below.

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