Must Have Sensory Toys For Babies

There are lots of wonderful sensory ideas to help aid your babies development. Sensory play helps babies learn using the five senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell, which provides a lot of benefits.

What are the benefits of sensory play?

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to sensory play:

* Helps children with developing their knowledge.

* Supports cognitive development.

* Develops and enhances memory.

* Helps children with their ability to complete complex learning tasks.

* Sensory play is calming.

* Helps children to learn about different feelings and textures.

Read below to discover the best sensory buys. My daughter Birdie loves these sensory toys. The toys listed below have left my daughter engaged, in bursts of laughter and amazed. It is wonderful to see your baby get more interested in play the older they get.

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1. Foil Blanket

My daughter has giggled a lot when playing with her foil blanket. It is visually striking with the metallic silver colour, it’s shadows alongside the light it picks up. The foil blanket has a loud attention grabbing crinkly noise and provides an interesting smooth or crinkly texture when touched.

2. Filled Bottles

I made a sensory bottle using glitter and water. All you need is an empty plastic bottle to add your desired contents to. The sensory bottle is very captivating to my daughter, she loves how the glitter moves around with the water.

3. Tummy Time Water Mat

The tummy time water mat is great fun! The sea creatures stand out and float around inside, when it is filled with water. My daughter enjoys the cool texture the water provides, alongside the noise of the water when she presses the mat. My baby is especially amazed whenever bubbles form inside, if a bit of washing up liquid gets in.

4. Halilit Musical Rings

These brightly-coloured musical rings are eye catching. They allow your baby to learn different sounds, develop motor skills, cause and effect also co-ordination. My daughter has a lot of fun with these! They are easy to hold for babies who are just learning. I am amazed by how much they have helped her to express herself.

5. Giraffe Tumbler Musical Toy

This toy helps train babies auditory sense as well as hand and eye coordination. My daughter loves how this toy moves around, which is great at encouraging her to crawl towards it.

6. The Fisher-Price laugh and Learn Puppy Remote

Babies love having whatever we have. My daughter always reaches for the TV remote so I thought I’d buy her one of her own. This puppy remote is easy to use and great fun. The lights, phrases, colours and music are great for the hearing and sight senses. It is a fun way for my daughter to use her motor skills, she loves being in control while using a remote of her own.

6. Animal Tails Crinkle Touch and Feel book

The animal tails book is attention grabbing. The animals stand out well on each page and the tails that stick out have a variety of textures for your baby to feel. I noticed that my daughter was interested enough in this book to feel it from 3 months old, before she became interested in touching and interacting with anything!

7. Maracus

The Maracus are a huge hit! My daughter is very expressive with these by making noises while shaking them around. I also find them very convenient to stop my baby from crying if we are out on a walk.

Thanks for taking the time to read my favourite baby sensory toys. I would love to know what toys your baby enjoys the most, in the comments below!


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