Useful Hospital Bag Items

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Below I share the hospital bag checklist items for moms. Items that I actually used.

There’s so much advice out there on what to pack in your hospital bag. I remember always taking note of tips from all of the books, bloggers and friends. I had the biggest list and packed so much in my hospital bag. Yet most of what I packed I never actually used.

It really helped to organise my hospital bag, so I knew exactly where everything was at a glance. I bought a travel luggage organiser bag set for only a reasonable price.

I could see through the organiser bags and tell at a glance which one had my items and baby items. The toiletry bags are amazing, I haven’t stopped using this organiser set since.

After giving birth the things I actually needed and used were:

🌸Things to freshen up
After coming out of theatre I remember wanting to just have a shower, but I couldn’t. I was so glad to have wet wipes, so I could reach them to freshen up. Then once I was mobile the next day it was bliss to have a shower and to feel like one fresh Momma. Lip balm was also needed, for some reason my lips were so dry after birth.

🌸Practical things
The maternity pads, disposal underwear, nursing bras and breast pads were among the main things I was actively using for myself. I can’t imagine forgetting any of these essential items when it comes to after birth and breastfeeding.

These nursing bras are the most comfortable I can find. The last thing you want when breastfeeding all day long, is a wired bra.

🌸 Bidet
Yes after giving birth you need to fill a container when you bravely face going to the toilet. Your bidet is just what you need after birth and during the healing process. Another item I just wouldn’t have been able to cope without.

This bidet is easy to pack and travel with because of how compact it can get when unscrewed. The bag makes it easy to keep everything together. It is easy to squeeze and use. I loved how fresh this keeps you after birth, plus it was extra soothing with warm water.

🌸 Phone Charger
After over twenty hours in labour my Huawei phone was needing to be charged up. Giving birth in 2020 meant that my husband had a short time with baby and I, before he had to leave. I remember being on the hospital bed, unable to easily get things for myself. I am so glad I remembered to ask my hubby to find and plug my phone charger in for me. It was so helpful to have found out in advance, how having a long charger lead is a must. Put it this way if it wasn’t for the long lead, I wouldn’t have been able to have held my mobile while it was charging.

🌸 Comfy Clothes

When it comes to potentially staying in hopsital, think comfort! A Comfy outfit, pyjamas, nursing bras if breastfeeding. Overall any clothing or footwear that brings you comfort. Like your robe and or slippers.

I just love this 2 in 1 maternity and nursing nightie, It’s so comfortable, cooling and looks cute.

Thanks for reading! I would love to know what items you found most useful, in the comments below.

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