Practical Baby Items You Need

Are you wondering what baby items you actually need? I felt exactly the same, before my daughter was born. Now she’s 9 months! I want to share which items were actually needed, since the newborn days.

These items have made all the difference, they are essential for baby care.

I found one friend out of all of my friends bought some essential items I needed. Why! Well she is a Mum, who had a baby a few months before me. My friend knew from recent experience. The reality is everyone will likely buy you more of the same cute stuff. You will end up having to grab the bare essentials. So here are the items you need!

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The Everyday Essentials

Baby Bag

I absolutely love my baby bag because it has so many compartments. Everything from a place to keep bottles fresh, to a part where I can charge my phone. Amazing! This baby bag always feels light, due to the rucksack design. When you buy a baby bag you need it to be comfortable, spacious and practical. This is certainly ticks all of the boxes.

Baby carrier

When you have a baby you need a baby carrier. It is useful when getting out and about. You may take your baby out in a pram, but if they cry because they want you close, you need that carrier mama. It is also handy to use around the house, especially if your baby is extra clingy and you need to get on with some housework.

Click the image above to see more information on the carrier I use. It is easy to use, comfortable and supportive for my baby. I hope you end up finding the right carrier for you, if you haven’t already.

Nail file

I used to struggle with keeping on top of my baby’s nails, from fear of catching her skin with the baby nail clippers. Baby’s have such soft skin and they can move their hands and fingers unexpectedly. I thought that the answer was a baby file, but I was wrong. The file was time consuming and it was a mission to get my daughter to sit still. Everything changed for the better, when I bought an electric nail file.

I love this nail file because it has different speeds and comes with 10 file heads, which are textured in 3 different colors, indicating which age they are suitable for.


White muslins are great because from the newborn stage you are likely to constantly wipe baby sick.

If your baby has reflux, this will likely be non stop. White baby items such as muslins, Babygro’s and vests can all be washed together on a decent heat setting such as 40 or 60 degrees to remove stains. During the newborn stage white items are so much easier.

These muslins are ideal, being so soft and small enough to carry.


Bibs have got to be one of the most essential items you need, when you have a baby.

These bibs are great quality. They have helped massively during this first year so far. The towel like texture was thick enough to absorb spit up when my daughter had reflux. Now I use them for catching dribble and under bibs for weaning, so water cannot get under the weaning bib.

Room thermometer

Nothing prepares you for how much you naturally check on your baby, during the newborn days especially. I would finally get a chance to sleep but had to check a temperature guide, the room thermometer and test my baby’s skin once more, before I could sleep.

This thermometer is very accurate and clear. I can easily read it with just the nursery night light on. A room thermometer is so handy, the temperature changes so much during your baby’s first year and just in general. It is reassuring to check the room temperature so you can make sure your baby sleeps safely.

Health Essentials

Oral Care Rabbit

It is handy to use whatever works for you and your baby to clean their mouth and gums, even before they start teething.

This Oral care rabbit is fun, effective and easy to use. It reminds me of a finger puppet. My daughter loves it!


When you have a newborn baby the time goes by so quickly, before you know it, its time for their first dose of injections. Your baby will need medicine to prevent fever afterwards. It is worthwhile getting calpol in advance, rather than panicking last minute like I did.

and or Nurofen for Infants

My daughter seems to vomit up Calpol soon after she’s been given it. It is best to find medicine best for your baby (with your doctors approval) . The only medicine she can take to is Nurofen, it is especially handy for fever and teething.

Vital baby hygiene spray

Vital hygiene sanitising water spray has helped since my baby was born. It continues to help daily. Whether it’s used to clean the changing mat, clean baby toys, teething toys or to use after weaning, it works a treat.

This spray has a gentle water based formula, it would be ok if swallowed. The spray also lasts a long time, so it’s great value overall.

Vitamin D drops

Vitamin D can end up being an essential item for breastfeeding Mums. Once your baby turns 6 months old, your health visitor will give you the go ahead to get it.

I like how these vitamin drops are easy to aim on to the nipple, to make sure breastfed baby get the full drop dose.

Teething Essentials

Teething gel

I have found teething gel so useful, it gives my daughter pain relief so she can settle while teething. The teething powders have lactose in it, so they weren’t suitable for my daughter who has a dairy allergy. The teething gel helps when teething toys aren’t enough.

The teething gel brush is textured. My daughter loves having it put on her gums, the texture definitely does the trick!

Nuby Ice Bite Keys Teether

This teether is a must have because it can be is designed well to be cooled in the freezer or fridge. My daughter gets great relief from this teether.

Mushroom Teether

The Mushroom teether is made very well. The teat like design, also makes it comforting for breastfed babies. My daughter absolutely loves the mushroom teether and I have had to carry them anywhere we go.

Nuby Bug A Loop Teether

The Nuby Bug teether is very handy. It has a variety of textures, which helps babies to use it for longer periods. The colourful bug design makes it stand out, it certainly catches my daughters attention.

Nasal Essentials

Nasal aspirator

A nasal aspirator is essential to have before your baby arrives. Babies only breathe through their nose for quite some time. It is important to keep their nose clear.

This nasal spray is easy to use, to carry and to clean. I find it so satisfying to clear my babies snot because it makes such a difference.

Nasal spray

Alongside a nasal aspirator you will need a nasal spray. This nasal spray is so pure containing just 100% natural sea water and purified water.

It will help to gently unclog your babies teeny nose. Once your babies nose is unclogged, the aspirator will help you to fully flush it out.

Safety Essentials

Baby gate

Trust me, your baby will be moving around before you know it! It’s so busy being a parent and getting a baby gate last minute can be tiring. There are MASSIVE savings on baby gates Now!

I recommend this baby gate because it is easy to install. I find it easy to use and it’s strong once put up. My baby will use it stand up and it’s ok. Phew!

Socket Plug Covers

Socket plug covers are so worthwhile. These sockets are great because you get a lot in one pack. It includes a handy card, to easily remove the covers when needed.

Changing Essentials

Giant Cotton pads

When your baby is born their skin is so sensitive, it is advised to just use cotton pads and water. I have struggled to find cotton that is large and gentle enough elsewhere.

These baby cotton pads are ideal and last a while because they come in a box of 6 packs. If I was to turn back time, I would have subscribed to save money.

Top and tail bowl

It is so useful to have a top and tail bowl. You can fill warm water to use one side for wiping your baby’s hands and face and another for nappy changes. This bowl is lightweight to carry, easy to clean and it makes life so much easier with a baby.

Nappy Cream

Metanium nappy cream is great to use from birth. My daughter reacts to most sensitive creams and wipes, yet this nappy cream is a blessing. Rashes quickly dissappear when I use it. It really does help when you need it! Metanium is gentle and a great barrier cream to treat rashes. All you need is to rub in a tiny amount until it’s clear on your baby’s skin.

Bath Essentials

Vital Baby Thermometer

Vital baby thermometer is quick at telling you what temperature the bath is. It will flash red when it is too hot. Being a Mum is busy, so having things to double check always helps.


I love how soft and fluffy these flannels are. I highly recommend these flannels because they are so soft on your baby’s skin. If your baby has sensitive skin or a skin condition, these flannels sure will be gentle!

Child’s Farm Baby Wash

Babies have sensitive skin from birth. I used plain bath water before introducing this baby wash 2 weeks later. I was amazed by how gentle it is and how great it is with my daughters eczema.

Bath Seat

It is adorable putting your baby in a bath seat for the first time. Before you know it they have outgrown it, then they can sit up well enough without one. This bath seat is safe and effective to use. It is easy to keep my baby securely in one place to wash, while I keep hold of her. Plus easy to clean.

Coconut Oil

I only use Kokoso baby organic coconut oil on my daughter because her skin is so sensitive.

Kokoso coconut oil is so useful, it has never caused a reaction. I admire the smell of coconut and you can’t beat how gentle it is.

Thank you so much for checking out my baby item checklist. I hope you get everything you need in no time and enjoy the process. All the best! Congratulations to all you expecting Mama’s! ✨

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