11 Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums

If you are like me, you can’t relax when your house is upside down. If the house is all cluttered you feel stressed. It isn’t surprising that studies have linked clutter to feeling anxious.

Although everyone is different in how they feel about living among clutter and things being dirty. There is no denying that mess and clutter can lead to increased stress. It can be hard to concentrate, when the mind is cluttered due to stress.

When filth builds up, so does germs which can lead to illness. Overall mess, disorganisation and clutter really does impact our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

Living amongst disorganisation is nerve wracking, leaving you stressed after searching for items more often than necessary. When everything does not have a designated place, items end up anywhere one day from the next, this can have such a negative impact on life.

Check out 11 Cleaning tips to help refresh your surroundings and your mind.

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1. Clear items

Always carry an item to put away, when leaving a room or going up or downstairs.

2. Organise Laundry

Organise laundry how it best works for you and your family. It may work having laundry baskets in each bedroom so you, your partner and kids can pop clothes straight in. Or one laundry basket so you have all clothes in one place. This may be particularly helpful if you have lots of stairs, so getting a load of washing together is a lot of work. Making it easier to skip putting on a wash all together.

It may be more practical for you to carry items and pop them straight into the washing machine, when you get a chance to. This may be useful particularly if you have a baby, that you carry most of the time, so you struggle to ever simply get clothes together from your laundry basket and into the wash when alone.

3. Upgrade your mop.

I never found a convenient time to mop because while my daughter is toddling around, it is hassle to simply get the water and everything into the mop bucket. Then the floor would stay wet for way too long!

When your baby is weaning and you need to mop more often, a mop and bucket can feel a burden. Everything changed when I got the flash mop. I love that you attach the wipes to the mop and then you can quickly use it.

The results are amazing, the room quickly smells fresh and the floor instantly looks Wow! Plus it dry’s way quicker than the traditional mop. Life saver!

If you need to mop not long before your baby will be playing on the floor, it works putting kitchen roll doubled up on instead of the wipes. It can be sprayed with your usual toxic free spray, a dab of water or used dry depending on what you need to mop.

It is so useful to have wipes in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, so you can quickly refresh surfaces.

4. Keep wipes around the house

If you have a baby and always have them with you while your partner works, baby wipes can be a useful and non toxic way to rub areas down when you get a moment.

5. Find your power products

I love Method products because they are not toxic and plant based. Method products smell amazing and they work wonders. The surface cleaners are great to use around the house in general.

I am amazed by how the mint glass spray works its wonders, on mirror and shiny surfaces such as the cooker.

If you want to be impressed definitely give these products a try. Even the Peach & Pink Pepper washing up liquid smells divine and lasts a decent amount of time. All I can say is Wow! If you find and embrace your go to products, trust me you will actually find cleaning satisfying.

6. Declutter

Declutter in the best way. Pretty much everyone has stuff that they no longer want, need or use. When the home is more decluttered, you will feel a weight of your shoulders. There are so many declutter methods out there, only do what works for your family. Decide on what you use, want and will dispose of or donate together. This will be empowering, plus everyone is more likely to contribute to this moving forwards.

Decluttering equals less stuff, which means less mess! Yay!

7. Keep on top of Dishes

Unload the dishwasher every morning and evening if you can. Refill the dishwasher throughout the day, rather than leaving them out, to prevent a pile.

Wash any items that will save on the load, so you can use them again.

I try to wash my daughters weaning plate and spoons after she’s finished, so I can reuse them that day rather than accumulating a weaning dirty pile. I find it particularly handy when it’s just me and my daughter.

8. Clean when you have pockets of time.

Unload or load the dishwasher, while you are waiting for the kettle to boil. Wipe surfaces and cupboards while food is cooking.

9. Keep less things out on windowsills, tables and shelves.

The less you have on show, the more tidy the home will look. Less stuff out, results in less dust accumulating.

10. Leave a lasting scent

Whether you like to use fragrant candles, essential oils in a diffuser or your favourite room spray, releasing a nice fragrance that you like will create that zen feeling. After having a sparkling clean home, the cherry on top is also the lush aroma.

Fresh Scent tips.

Sprinkle bins with (fragrant powder)

I like to use a spray designed to use after changing your baby to safely freshen the air.

Once your baby is weaning and does dirty nappies, trust me this sprays help fast.

Add scented bags to clothing drawers.

Put food bins out when they are nearly half full or less (depending on how smelly they are getting).

11. Set achievable tasks

Before bed try to think about up to three things you need to get done the next day, it will help you to keep on top of the things. Tackling things that were on your mind from the day before, will go a long way. By the end of the week you will have a lot of small wins. I have found this habit the most useful.

I manage to focus on the main things I need to get done, then I actually do them. It is so hard to have a big to do list playing on your mind, let alone manage to switch off to sleep. Small manageable tasks are always the way!

Thanks for reading. If you have any cleaning tips, I would love to hear them.

Best Baby Gifts

Buying baby gifts is so exciting! I used to love going shopping and buying newborn clothes for family and friends expecting.

Since becoming a first time Mum, I realise what gifts work best. Gifts in newborn sizes rarely fit or get used for long. Especially with me, as my daughter was nearly 9lbs at birth. A lot of newborn clothes are mainly ideal for babies under 8lbs, even then, they may grow out of these clothes quickly.

Below I have listed the baby gift inspiration ideas, based on the best ones I have had. My dream items are also there, under the useful section.

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1. Edible. Bring a meal or bake a cake.

If you provide an edible gift, it will stand out more than any other fancy item received. Why? When someone has a newborn, time is so precious. It is so valuable to have anything that is pre made or quick to prepare. This allows parents, to make the most of precious moments with their bundle of joy.

Babies are newborns for such a short period of time. Nothing could have prepared me, for how short that time would be. I am forever grateful for those that brought cakes, meals and cooked for my husband and I during those precious weeks. It gave us time to focus on spending quality moments together.

2. Cinema vouchers. Offer to babysit.

Parenthood is exhausting yet fulfilling. New parents will totally need a well deserved date, when the time comes, that they can manage to be away from thier baby.

It’s been 11 months and my husband and I, haven’t had a date night since our daughters birth. Trust me it will be so memorable, when it does happen.

The gift of something thoughtful, like Cinema vouchers and offering to babysit will be priceless.

3. Mobile pamper voucher for Mum

It is hard to imagine getting out of the house to a beauty appointment, as a Mum who is exclusively breastfeeding. My daughter also naps on me, so I am with her 24/7.

One of the best gifts I have been given is a pamper voucher, where a mobile beautician can come to me. Perfect. This voucher has everything from a massage to getting your nails done. What a thoughtful gift!

4. Bio Oil

Bio Oil is a wonderful gift for Mums. It is lovely to receive something for yourself, self care makes all the difference after having a baby. My stomach was darker than the rest of my body after having a baby, stretch marks appeared last minute. The bio oil has worked wonders on the stretch marks, plus getting my tone even again.

5. Knitted Item

I absolutely adore all of Birdie’s knitted cardigans, jumpers and blankets. Knitted gifts are such a nice touch, so unique, special and adorable. The amount of effort that goes into making such a gift, makes it all the more memorable.

6. Mum & Dad mugs

Parents cherish getting a moment to relax with their favourite hot drink. A mug that celebrates your new title is a must have.

7. Thermal bottle

A thermal bottle is a great way to keep water cold or hot drinks hot. This will help a busy mum out for sure!

It is hard to drink a cup of tea before it goes cold. Yet enjoying a hot tea, sure will become a great part of relaxing. I find my thermal bottle is ideal when I am exhausted and my baby is restless. I can make it and leave it for as long as needed, then still enjoy it hot, when I get a chance.

The Proworks bottle keeps hot drink hot for a long time (12 hours) and cold drinks cold (24 hours). These are the perfect size to carry while out and about.


8. Baby Towel

One of my most practical and well used gifts, is a good quality baby towel. Baby towels are quite expensive and it’s not so easy to stock up on enough in advance. A baby towel sure does make a great gift.

These premium microfibre bath towels are so handy. Personally, I like to place them on the bed, ready to lay my baby on, once she’s out of the bath.

9. Hooded Towel

Hooded towels are nice and snuggly to use straight from the bath. Keeping baby warm, while absorbing moisture straight away.

The cute Koala towel above is a luxury soft towel, which is 100% bamboo. This towel is big enough to use for many months after the newborn stage. You will pleased to know that it stays soft after being washed. The Koala hood gives it such a cute finish, this would make the most practical and adorable gift.

10. Muslins

Muslin cloths are very much needed, when it comes to looking after a baby. Muslins make a great gift because they will get used a lot! Plus there are so many adorable designs.

I love these practical muslins. They are 100% cotton. No matter what I use them to clean up, they can be washed on a cycle up to 90 degrees. They come out like new. White is a great colour for wiping baby sick, as they can be washed on a high temperature afterwards.

11. Bibs

Baby bibs are so cute. Whether you get general bibs or dribble bibs, they will be a useful gift.

These bibs are very absorbent, making them ideal for babies. I found them useful while my daughter had reflux. Now they are great under weaning bibs to keep my daughters neck dry, even when she spits her drink everywhere.

12. Teething Toys

It’s great that there are so many toys, that double up as also having teething elements. Teething toys are definitely needed! Plus you can’t beat having a recommended teething toy.

These silicone mushroom soothers have been used a lot by my daughter. A lot of other mums in an online mum group I’m in, say it’s their little one’s most used teether. It has been Birdie’s most used teether, one that I can’t dare to leave the house without!

13. Bibado Weaning Bib

Bibado bibs are the best weaning bibs I have ever come across. They are expensive, while totally worth it! A Bibado big will make a great gift because it is unlikely, it will be a priority to buy in advance. Plus it can feel too costly to buy a lot when weaning comes around.

Bibado bibs attach to the highchair and table. They are one size fits all and last a long time. I love how drenched my daughter gets using these bibs, then being amazed seeing how dry she still is underneath. Overall, they are such a wonderful invention that every weaning baby needs.

14. Weaning plate

There are so many cute weaning plates around. It would be so personal for you to choose a weaning plate, that you think will be great for baby. When it gets to 3 meals plus snacks per day, as many weaning plates as possible will be needed.

This adorable crab suction weaning plate is the best I have come across. It comes in a selection of colours, has great suction and is microwave/dishwasher safe. My daughter enjoys using this plate. Another practical gift which will get used over and over!

15. Weaning storage containers

If you are going for a weaning themed gift package, then these stackable food storage containers, will make a great addition.

Nuk baby containers are microwave and freezer safe. I use these on a daily basis for weaning. Whether it’s to warm some baby food in a bowl of hot water, store or freeze some food. I had weaning storage supplies as a gift and now I know how thoughtful that gift was.

16. Baby clothing

Go for clothing at least 3-6 months in size.

Amissz clothing is lovely quality, there are beautiful designs for baby girls.

And baby boys.

17. Booties

Baby booties are so handy. They are nice and soft and sock like to keep baby’s little feet warm while out and about.

Lacofia unisex booties are soft, warm and anti slip. These ended up being the most used booties, since the design helps them to actually stay on.

18. Mittens

Scratch mittens are a must have as well as warm mittens during colder seasons.

Got to love these mittens, they are the only ones that actually stay on.

19. Hole Blanket

I received a lot of baby blankets, that I didn’t ‘t get to fully use because they don’t have holes. A blanket with holes is ideal, it is breathable which baby can sleep with. They will make a essential gift.

It is best to choose an extra soft cellular baby blanket, which is 100% cotton. These are warm enough for babies, great for sensitive skin and easy to wash.

20. Gro bag

Grobags are ideal because it is most likely that babies will kick blankets off, ending up cold while asleep. Grobags have been my main go to and you just need the appropriate tog for the season/ room temperature.

Tommee Tippee is a great go to brand for safe baby items, especially baby sleep bags. This Grobag is designed to help little ones regulate their temperature. There is also a great zip design to help with night nappy changes, while keeping baby warm. What a great gift, to actually help parents have easier nights.

21. Child’s Farm Shower gel

There hasn’t been any shower gel that is as gentle and ideal for sensitive skin as Child’s farm.

The little gift with travel sizes is super adorable. I was over the moon to receive one. Guess what! I have actually used them all.

22. Electric nail file

I used to struggle with keeping on top of my baby’s nails, from fear of catching her skin with the baby nail clippers. Baby’s have such soft skin and they can move their hands and fingers unexpectedly. I thought that the answer was a baby file, but I was wrong. The file would be time consuming and getting my daughter to sit for the time it takes was impossible.

Everything changed when I bought an electric nail file. I love this nail file because it has different speeds and comes with 10 file heads, which are textured in 3 different colours, indicating which age they are suitable for.

23. Diffuser

A diffuser helps when baby has a stuffy nose and is all congested. It is also useful for mum to relax, with it releasing fragrant oils (if added) and lighting up.

This diffuser is small enough to travel with and it’s mini enough to fit on the bedside table in the nursery. It sure does make such an adorable, practical and thoughtful gift.


24. Milestone Book

A milestone book is so lovely. It is a great place to record, remember and cherish all of the milestones. It’s a must have gift. I love mine and have kept using it!

I adore this milestone book, it was one of my most cherished gifts. The sections are month by month with adorable headings.

25. Black and white book

High contrast books are perfect from the newborn stage and beyond.

The pictures in this book relate to everyday objects and the contrast is with a black background one side and white the other. I love how it unfolds so it can be placed out, for baby to see during tummy time. It is so long when unfolded.

26. Musical Owl

My daughter adores her musical Owl. The lullabies helped her to sleep as a newborn. White noise soothed her to stay asleep during sleep progression. Now her face lights up to see her Owl, she likes to press the buttons herself.

I can’t believe that within 11 months, I have only had to charge the owl twice, yet it is on nearly most days. Maybe because my baby doesn’t use the cry sensor. It really is amazing.

Ollie the Owl has 6 natural soothing sounds and 3 lullabies. It even has an option to switch a cry sensor on so it can respond by playing soothing sounds or lullabies for 20 minutes, helping to soothe baby. There is a lovely heart shaped comfort night light within the Owls’s tummy. Aaaw it is so lush!

27. That’s not my Penguin

Such a sweet book with great touchy feely patches. The story is very engaging for babies and the pictures are captivating.

28. Tummy time rattle

A tummy time rattle is a cute gift that will provide a lovely sensory experience for baby.

These attach to the wrists and ankles of babies for a rattle tastic tummy time experience.

Remember Mums usually get bought baby clothes, so either buy a bigger size, or opt for something different all together. I totally get it though, baby clothes are too adorable to not buy!

I hope you enjoy shopping, whether it’s online or in person.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your day!

The Benefits of being A Stay At Home Mum

Not everyone can afford to be a stay at home mum. Yet, for some it is the most cost effective option.

Being a stay at home mum can come with it’s own challenges. You feel you are letting go of fully being in control in life. Giving up your career can feel daunting, it can make you feel like you have lost your sense of identity. It is also common to feel isolated, lonely and depressed.

I find being a stay at home mum, the most fulfilling job I have ever had. I love making the most of the time I have as a SAHM, knowing it won’t last forever. Reflecting on the benefits help us SAHM’S to get through the challenges that come with it. I love remembering the benefits to my daughter and I, it makes me feel proud and lucky to be a SAHM.

These are my favourite benefits of being a stay at home mum.

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Benefits for Kids

Less stressed kids

There are some studies that have found kids in child care to be linked with behavioural problems. Studies show that it is more beneficial for kids to have a parent at home with them when they go through their tantrum stages, as opposed to them being in childcare. Previous and follow up studies from The Institute Of Child Development Of The University Of Minnesota, The National Institute of Child Health and Human development, found children who spend a large amount of time in daycare can experience higher stress and aggression levels compared to those who stay at home.

As someone who has worked as a nursery assistant, I know there is no right or wrong way. Every parent decides what is best for them and their child. Daycare also comes with it’s advantages for kids. Overall, it is fulfilling knowing, I am an integral part of my daughters emotional development.

Kids Thrive At School

A 2014 study highlighted how children with a stay at home parent can be more successful at school. Having a stay at home parent is beneficial beyond the early years of a child’s life. I like that studies by the National Home Education Research Institute, prove the advantages of having a stay at home parent for educational purposes. By being an at home parent your helping your child to potentially score higher than peers, without a parent at home. This is for kids who are home schooled, or have a parent who stays at home, for when they return from school.

Positive impact on your child’s brain

The loving care of a parent cannot be mimicked by a caregiver. The love a parent has for her child, contributes to a child’s confidence in their social structure. Research has recognised this healthy development in both babies and kids.

The early security and love for a child by a stay at home parent, has a long term cognitive impact, helping kids prepare for dynamic social interactions in the future. Many health experts agree that a mother being present in the first three years, is crucial for a child’s development.

Benefits for stay at home parents

Time to realise what makes you happy

It is wonderful to feel that I am getting more out of life now, although I don’t have the money I once did. As a result time is well spent and I have more determination than ever. I realise that money can’t buy happiness. An advantage of having plenty of time, can help you to find and make the most of what makes you happy.


I used to be the most laid back person ever. I thought I had all of the time in the world, which I did compared to now. I have learnt to multitask and to do a lot with my time compared to before. I feel more productive than ever. The time I have now sparks productivity. There is time to plan ahead, make lists and to prioritise what is most important.

Value Energy

I know how important it is to make the most of every day with your child. Especially, as not everyone is fortunate enough to have much time with loved ones. As a result I am selective of who I spend time with, time goes by so quickly and is so valuable. Time spent with family is so precious. Its energy well spent. It is perfect having quality time to spend with my daughter daily, which involves actually having time for fun.

Seeing all your little kids firsts

It is so rewarding to be home and to witness the precious milestones. I have seen my daughter do everything from saying her first word, to crawling and standing all balanced.

The next milestone for Birdie will be walking. As a first time Mum, it’s hard to imagine how amazing seeing your child walk for the first time will be.

Time to plan and cook nourishing meals

When I worked before becoming a Mum, I wouldn’t have the time to eat healthily. I suppose I used to commute for up to a total of 3 hours a day. I was exhausted and couldn’t get enough chocolate bars and coffee for that short lived boost! I can’t imagine how hard it would be to make healthy meals, around working now that I’m a Mum. It’s great that people manage it.

I just noticed a lot of the time Mums are expected to work as if they don’t have kids. If they work full-time they are too exhausted to have a real balance in life. Then if they work part time, the work load is often that of a full timer, so it cannot feel too different either way.

It is lovely to have time to put into planning, preparing and then enjoying nourishing meals as a family.

As a SAHM I need ways to relax and to have my own outlet, so I can keep myself busy. These Item’s help me to relax and thrive as a stay at home:

Mummy Pregnancy and Birth Journal

I adore this journal. During my pregnancy and since the birth of my daughter, I like to write memorable moments in this journal. It’s the perfect place to write your special moments before and after birth. I am sure it will be wonderful for Birdie to read in the future.

Happy Vibes Pulse Point Oil

The essential oil blend is so relaxing. It is a quick way to have a burst of YOU time. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the scent, to get a relaxing moment.

The scent gives me the recharge I need, when I don’t have the time to do yoga or meditation. Which I hardly ever get a chance to do.


Well what can I say. This diffuser is so therapeutic. It lights up and looks so pretty at night. It’s super peaceful to have in a dim room, it’s like feeling you are enjoying a spa in your own home. It’s also great for when my baby is all congested. If essential oils are added then WOW, the home feels transformed!


A kindle is so handy as a stay at home mum. You can’t beat being able to read anything you fancy, at a flick of a button. I enjoy watching whatever I want, when I get a chance on apps like Netflix. It is especially handy while my baby is needing me near, at her bedtime of 8pm. I just need to plug in my earphones, to enjoy whatever I decide on.

Huawei watch

The Huawei watch has become an extension of me, as well as my phone of course! It is such a buzz to see how many steps I have taken, then how much sleep I actually get. Plus so handy for it to buzz when I am getting calls on my Huawei phone. It even alerts me when I have been sat down for too long. Overall, this is such a great motivator and tracker.

Chuwi Herobook. Pro Laptop

This Herobook is my Hero for sure. I feel so grateful to have found a Herobook Laptop with enough storage, while being cost effective. It allows me to work from home. It is ideal with it’s fast speed, two USB ports and easy to carry with it being so light weight. I am one HAPPY Momma!

CHUWI HeroBook pro Ultrabook
Product DimensionsStanding screen display sizeResolutionProcessor SpeedRAM Size
33.2 x 21.4 x 2.13 cm; 1.39 Kg14.1 inches1080p Full HD Pixels2.8 HGz8 GB
1920 x 1080
Wireless TypeAvg Battery LifeOperating SystemHard DriveProcessor count
Bluetooth9 HoursWindows 10 Homessd2

Blogging planner

Blogging is something I do for me as a stay at mum. This planner is the perfect buy. It has space to write down and map out your weekly content across all of your social media platforms. My blog has taken off, since I have bought this little gem. I can’t recommend it enough!

ADORIC Leak proof Water Bottle with filter

I always need a water bottle by my side, as a reminder that I must keep hydrated. This bottle is easy to clean and I love the eye catching colour. It is also available in various colours.

Bamboo Lavender Travel Mug

Why drink hot drinks cold, when you can save them in a lovely mug until you have time to enjoy it. I love using my travel mug around the house and while out and about.

Thanks for reading. I hope the stay at home benefits are a great reminder of why being a SAHM is worthwhile. It is great knowing that we do the BEST job ever! It would be interesting to know what your favorite benefits are, in the comments.