Baby Girl Names

Congratulations if you are expecting. It is so exciting to pick a name for your bundle of joy. Below I go through pretty names and what they mean.

My baby girl was born in October. I named her Birdie after my Jamaican grandmother.

Birdie was due in September and close to being a summer baby. Birdie ended up being overdue and ended up being an Autumn baby. During the two weeks of being overdue I went on many long walks with my husband and Mum. My mum mentioned that Autumn is a beautiful name. When Birdie arrived in Autumn we ended up using Autumn as her middle name. We were torn between Birdie and Autumn for her actual name. Birdie is more personal and has a lot of meaning in our family. My grandmother is no longer with us but I am glad her name lives on.

When it comes to choosing your baby’s name choose one that resonates with you, has meaning or one that you know in your gut is the one.

Check out pretty girl names and their meanings below.

Birdie – Birdie means “bright” “famous” “little bird” , “birdlike” and “bringing victory” .

Annaleece – “Powerful and complete”.

Sakura – “cherry blossom”.

Daisy – “day’s eye”.

Lily – “pure” symbolises innocence and purity.

Saffron – “yellow flower. “

Amelia – “To work”.

Naraya – “Friend light”.

Autumn – “fall” “Autumn”

Yasmin – “Jasmine flower” and “beautiful fragrant flower. “

Bella – “Beautiful. “

Olivia – “Olive” or “Olive Tree”

Thanks for reading!

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I would love to hear any girl names you think are pretty. There are so many out there.

All the best x

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